Export Data

Welcome to the Export Process.

On this page you can export your account. You will receive the following data after completing this process:

  1. A zip file with all the data that was in your mailbox.
  2. SMTP/IMAP credentials to import your old messages via the import function of another email provider (e.g. Yahoo, Google and many more).
  3. Webmail access to send and receive messages from your account. This way you can receive confirmation mails and inform you contacts about the change.
Contact Info:

We need an e-mail address to which we can send the login data and the link to the zip archive. This e-mail must not be your address!

Login Info:

Here you have to log in with your account. This is important to confirm your identity and to export the data.

Almost done...

You have successfully filled in all the required data. As soon as you press submit, you will receive a confirmation if your password is correct. You can then continue with the last step. As soon as this step is completed, you will receive all requested data within 24 hours.

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